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Multi-channel Impact Marketer with 14+ Years of Experience



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I have effectively overseen budgets amounting to USD 13.8 million through 2023, showcasing my adeptness in managing substantial financial commitments.

At the onset of my entrepreneurial career at the age of 19, I embarked on a journey into the digital realm. With an extensive track record spanning over two decades, I have evolved into a results-oriented digital marketing professional.
My proficiency lies in the strategic optimization of marketing channels, meticulous analysis of ROI and KPIs, and the enhancement of customer engagement. My skillset extends to adeptly managing high-profile client relationships across a wide spectrum of industries, resulting in the augmentation of market share and the establishment of brands as industry pacesetters.
My leadership acumen and prowess in project management contribute to the cultivation of a collaborative and innovative work environment.

Transparency is the bedrock of our operations, ensuring our clients have full visibility into our processes. Trust and integrity define our commitment to ethical practices and unwavering honesty, fostering enduring partnerships.

Our global expertise and expansive network empower us to navigate international markets seamlessly, delivering unparalleled insights and opportunities to our clients.

We craft tailor-made solutions that cater to the unique needs of each client, ensuring our strategies align precisely with their goals and objectives.


Building Digital Experiences

We are dedicated to building transformative digital experiences that captivate and engage audiences, driving meaningful interactions with brands.

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Nigel Quadros

Nigel Quadros

Founder and CEO
Kirsten Ferrao

Kirsten Ferrao

Country Manager (IN)
Reagan Remedios

Reagan Remedios

Head of Client Relations

Latest Recognitions & Awards

As a distinguished leader in marketing, artificial intelligence, and business, I take pride in my numerous accolades, which stand as a testament to my unwavering commitment to effecting positive change within the marketing arena.

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