Enhance your Resume for 2022 Easily

If finding a new job is on your list of 2022 goals, start by updating your CV.

However, because there is a bit more to it this time, it may necessitate more than just following the regular processes. You must make certain that the previous year is accurately represented in the document.

So, how do you make your resume 2022-ready? Here are some pointers on how to make yours stand out.

1. Add 2021 Experience

This may seem self-evident, yet the past 12 months have been everything but ordinary. Working from home is a great experience that should be documented on your resume because it demonstrates your adaptability, technological skills, ingenuity, and resourcefulness. Include any initiatives or methods you’ve had to implement this year, as they may come in handy in your next employment.

Include this as well if you’re in charge of a remote team. In a time of uncertainty, effective management is incredibly valuable and should be highlighted on your resume.

2. Include Soft Skills

Organizations have proved the value of soft skills such as communication, rapid learning, emotional intelligence, resilience, and more as they manage the challenges of 2020. They are currently at the top of many hiring managers’ wish lists.

Instead of relegating these talents to a distinct section at the bottom of your resume, make sure they’re sprinkled throughout the paper. This manner, you’re emphasizing them and demonstrating that you understand their significance.

3. Mind the Gaps

Do not be hesitant to include this or any other employment gap on your resume if you were laid off as a result of the economic crisis. You should, however, be prepared to talk about what you’ve been up to in between positions.

If you’ve been upskilling or taking classes in the interim, you can mention it in your resume or cover letter, depending on how relevant it is. Alternatively, if you’ve had to take time off due to illness or because you’re a carer, you can discuss it in an interview. These kinds of gaps are unlikely to be seen by a potential employer, therefore there’s no need to disguise them.

When you combine these efforts with a typical resume update, you’ll be in the strongest position to apply for employment this year. You can contact out to one of our specialist recruitment consultants for extra assistance, or explore our guidance section for more information.

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