Things You Definitely Didn’t know about Artificial Intelligence

Earlier in 2019, artificial intelligence became the next new and trending technology concept leaving Augmented Reality, IoT, Big Data, Automation,  and even Virtual Reality behind.

There are so many people who think that it is simply a hype. In reality, the different subfields of artificial intelligence are already being used in healthcare, the automotive industry, quantum, finance, manufacturing and business softwares.

In simple words, artificial intelligence is a complex computer program that can carry out a complete simulation of the brain.

Creating a self-teaching AI system which will mirror human learning might be the ultimate goal for automation, speed and progress.

The scope of artificial intelligence is so broad that technologies like Machine Learning, Virtual Agents, Natural Language Processing are pretty small.

Nigel Quadros (Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Evangelist) has worked with many companies across the. globe to deliver the best results with regards to AI and he has picked out the top 10 AI technologies:

  • Natural Language Generation: creating text from data that is generated by a computer
  • Speech Recognition: transformation of human speech into a format that can be used for computer systems or even mobile applications.
  • Virtual Agents: designing simple chatbots to advanced systems that can communicate with humans.
  • Machine Learning Platforms: creating algorithms, APIs, training and development toolkits, data, deployment of static models into applications, processes, and other types of machines.
  • AI-optimized Hardware: graphics processing units specifically designed and to efficiently run AI-oriented processes.
  • Decision Management: engines that insert logic and rules into AI systems.
  • Deep Learning Platforms: machine learning consisting of artificial neural networks with layers.
  • Biometrics: allows more natural interactions between machines and humans, including image and touch recognition, and speech.
  • Robotic Process Automation: using dynamic scripts and other methods to automate human action in order to support other aspects.
  • Text Analytics and NLP: natural language processing which is shortly known as NLP uses and supports text analytics that helps in machine learning.

You might have encountered AI in your everyday life talking to virtual assistants like Alexa, or Siri, using Google Maps to avoid traffic, sharing a ride with apps like Lyft, flying on an aircraft that uses an AI autopilot.

Surprisingly, AI technologies are even used in social media for face recognition, movement tracking, news feed personalization, creation of content. Companies are investing heavily in research and development of self-driving cars and human-like robots.

To be honest, there are only a few examples which show that AI can mean a broad study on developing a super-intelligence as well as planning and implementing it from scratch to finish.

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