How To Find Your LinkedIn SSI Score

As we all may know that the largest and most popular business community website, LinkedIn continues to grow its monthly active users this year. Considering the current pandemic and loss of jobs worldwide, if ever there was a time to get serious about LinkedIn, it is right now. My regular readers known how much I like analytics and to measure things, so I would like to introduce your SSI score for LinkedIn.

Social Selling Index or shortly known as SSI is a score from LinkedIn based on how effectively you portray your professional brand, find the right people, engage with insights, and build relationships on the platform.

LinkedIn SSI Solution and How to Find It - Nigel Quadros

Now you must be really curious to find out how your LinkedIn profile stacks up against your other people and connections that you have!

You can find your SSI score on LinkedIn here.

So what does your score actually mean? I’ll make it simple and break down each scoring component to make it simple.

Establish your professional brand

You’ll get top marks if you have a complete profile, meaning you have a profile picture, headline, summary, and experience filled in. You will also want to post relevant content and interact with your network’s content. I would strongly recommend you to solidify your profile by receiving endorsements and recommendations from your connections.

Find the right people

You will have to focus on growing your connections and building strong relationships by reaching out to 2nd degree connections, joining groups , or even engaging with users who have viewed your profile in the past 24 hours. These kind of actions will help you build a relevant network and grow it through organic means.

Engage with insights

Don’t put too much weight on this score – insights are mainly a function of LinkedIn Premium accounts, so you’re unlikely to score high unless you’re willing to pay. Aside from actively using insights, you can increase your score by engaging with content that your connections post.

Build relationships

One of the major benefits of LinkedIn is that a majority of B2B buyers prefer to interact with salespeople that are referred or introduced by someone they know which is why it is really important to build strong professional networks and strengthen the connections that you already have. You can boost your score by engaging with decision makers and nurturing your relationships over time.

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