Facts about Returning all the Missed Calls is actually Marketing

People generally talk about marketing like it’s some “rocket science” thing that requires immense skill and creativity. Well, it’s more than rocket science, it’s sociology and improvisation.

I have written earlier about Why is your Business Card Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool? that got a huge amount of response on Medium with a lot of questions as well as reactions.

Having over 9 years of experience in the digital marketing space and having connected with a lot of like-minded individuals, our discussions used to sometimes revolve around the importance of returning missed calls if a very good ethic as well as a strong marketing aspect.

What would be your take regarding this? 

Living in a world where we call up a friend and they usually disconnect the phone call and then later send a text message “Hey did you call me?”

Well, “Yes I did call you!” because, I wanted to talk to you regarding something, right?

Why would I simply call him/her? 

Frankly speaking, this kind of behaviour cannot work in a professional world as time is money and there are times where one phone call solves problems as well as high-stake money matters can be closed.

There are times we get wrapped up in our numerous methods of communication, such as phone, text, social media, email, etc and we forget the basics, unintentionally.

The basics are simple courtesies. It’s as simple as that!

They are not hard, but they are increasingly important to your patient reviews, practice marketing and growth. If the doctor receives a call, and I am sure he receives many a day in your practice, common courtesy says that SOMEONE, even if it is not the doctor, should return the call.

Certainly it could be one of those new stockbrokers or insurance sales people trying to get the doctor’s investment or insurance business, or some pesky product sales person, but their calls should be returned too!

Every one of them is a powerful new patient opportunity for your practice.

The reason is simple!

The caller, no matter who they are, is a potential patient and/or potential new patient referral source. I know one doctor who gets literally dozens of sales calls per week who has one of her assistants RETURN every call.


Firstly, it is a common courtesy. It is the human thing to do, but just as importantly, it is also a new patient opportunity!

Every caller to your practice has a dentist, or should have. Every sales person that calls this particular practice gets a return call that says basically the following:

“Thank you for calling Nigel Quadros’s office. He asked me to return your call. How can I help you?

If it is a sales call, she continues: I am sure your product/service would be more appealing to Nigel if he was a doctor or patient. Since we are into digital marketing in Goa as well as globally we are inclined to marketing campaigns and building brands.”

Try it in your marketing funnel for the month of May and see what happens. I think you will be shocked with the results.

Keep hustling and grinding with positivity!

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