Six Unbelievable Hacks to Help Manage your Valuable Vacation Photos

If you have a compulsive photo-taking habit, you are not alone in struggling to manage the hundreds of shots you take every year. Studies from various data scientists show that globally, people capture more than 1.4 trillion images per year, a number that has been rising by 96 billion annually since the launch of the iPhone 5 by Apple.

Vacation photos and videos, without any doubt, make up a big chunk of that sum. Here are the biggest pain points of an extensive image volume and some of the best ways to manage them.

“I can’t find the photos I’m looking for”

The native apps on both Android and iOS, Google Photos and Photos respectively, do a stand-up job of making your photo catalogue searchable. Apple plots your images on a map of the world so that you can search by “place”. Google’s search function let’s you search images by keywords. It’s not perfect, but it comes close, thanks to an AI platform that bends facial recognition and GPS data. Adobe Lightroom Premium ($ 4.99 per month) lets you add customized tags and metadata of your own choosing to the apps’ automatically assigned keywords tags.

“I’m running out of storage”

If you use your mobile phone camera to take pictures, you are most likely to end up with a lot of data taking up your phone storage space. Google Photos allows you to archive such data and take them off your local storage. For those with traditional cameras, external disks can be a total life saver. A huge thumps up to built-in WiFi, images can also get synced to a cloud storage for quick on-the-go access and sharing on social media via various types of mobile devices.

“I’m skeptical about deleting images”

I would recommend you to try out Slidebox. Slidebox is an app that allows you to scroll through recent images the way you might scroll through people options on Tinder. All you got to do is swipe left or right to navigate through your files, and swipe up when you want to put a photo out of the album and presumably for deletion. It will live in a separate folder, until you decide whether you can live without it.

“I never actually look at my photos”

It is high time to get those photos off your phone and in your hands. There are loads of apps on the Google Play Store and App Store to help in this regard. These apps let you transform your photos into hard products that can be felt such as albums, calendar pages, fine arts prints or even photo prints for frames.

“There’s too much clutter in my storage”

If your friend or partner loves to make fun of you for taking every photo seven or eight times, you have to try Zyl. This app recognizes duplicate images and automatically pinpoints the sharpest, straightest and best-lit shot in the bunch of photos that were clicked multiple times.

“I just want one mobile application to manage everything, for Christ’s sake”

Google Photos is by far one of the most flexible and versatile Android and iOS photo application app that is available up till today (24th April 2018) that can be used to manage everything. It’s simple to use, highly searchable, backs up automatically to the cloud and has numerous AI features that are sweet as all the Android versions.

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