How To Earn Your First $150 On Your Blog In Less Than 60 Days

Every blogger out there is dreaming to earn money out of their blog as soon as possible. Money may not be the only reason for launching the blog but is one of the several reasons in the blogging world.

Isn’t it ?

Why $150 you may ask?

  • You need not focus on amassing huge traffic
  • You will not need to write lenghty and tons of blogs
  • You will not need a huge community for your blog
  • You can forget worrying about email campaigns

Over to the juicy part to make your first $150 and I would say if you follow this you are going to enjoy blogging as well as see changes in the digits in your bank account slowly.

Another fact about blogging, is that once you start generating revenue through your efforts blogging, it gets you motivated to scale that blog to earn more.

Now how are you going to earn your first $150 in less than 60 days of starting your own blog?

The first cash payout from Google Adsense if $100 which is awesome to start with. If you have not yet implemented Google Ads to run on your blog, you got to do it right away. You can Get Google Adsense approval in just 2 days.

Nevertheless, in this post, I am going to walk you through a lot more than just relying on Google Adsense as the source of income and waiting for ages to cash your first check.

I am sure you must have noticed that numerous bloggers out there get their check after several months or even after few years and that is because of several reasons.

I am sure that you don’t wish this to happen for yourself. Many out there know that Google Adsense has actively become the traditional way blog owners depend on earning money through blogging.

Try as much as possible to remove the option of earning from Adsense and think of it as side cash flow for now.

Let me ask you a question ?

Have you recently set up a new blog and you are interested to earn your first $150 on your blog in less than 60 days from now?

There are some things that you will have to do to make that wonderful dream a beautiful reality.

How To Earn Your First $150 On Your Blog

There are numerous things that amateur bloggers follow to make make the “real” money that they deserve to make and sit at home with peanuts. Trust me !

The current above methods that I have mentioned will help you make money online in a fast way provided you concept is unique. The organic ways will work only if you focus on one thing and that is blogging from your “heart”.

Implement a schedule to post blogs probably spending 3 to 4 hours everyday for a couple of weeks and you would see a difference with some results that would drive you to blog more, for sure ! Now, for me the mission is to help you make your first $150 on your blog in less than 60 days.

It’s a cake walk !

Start A Niche Site by Using Long Tail Keywords

One of the common mistakes that bloggers all over the world make is following the structure of what other bloggers are doing. On the short term, it works well but when searches increase, there will be a drop.

I would recommend looking for long tail keywords of such keywords that are not so competitive and write on them.

For example, if you search for “blog”, you will see that “blog owners” and “blog writing” have global monthly searches of 43,600 and 50,590 respectively.

If you closely see, both of them have monthly local searches which shows a high competition. In the same way, “make your blog” has global monthly search of 79,000 and local search of 37,100, and the competition is mediocre which is easy to tap for you to reach some place.

I would recommend writing a blog on “10 ways to make your Blog stand out from the Rest” with the required keywords, or  ‘How to make Advertisers get attracted to your Blog” would get much more attention as well as get that required hits on Google and in turn other sources covering it for the worthy content that you have written.

Easiest Way To Make Your First $100

Email marketing is one of the top ways to convert things into business. You may not make $150 but you will surely make some amount and at times even more.  All you have to do is just get 15o to 400 people to your email list and then drop them an email with a pitch.

Even if any two of them buy the product that you are selling, you will get a commission that would be anywhere worth $40 to $100 per affiliate lead.

How much time would it take?

To write an design an email newsletter it does not take long because there are so many tools on the Internet that can actually help you finish it with 2-3 hours. Always remember to give your followers the benefit.

Coming over to what exactly you are looking for ?

I would say start building a strong email list. Use a Get Response on the email list you are building. There are so many tools out there offering cut-throat prices as well as discounts, so use them to encash on the best to make that buck.

Write Paid Articles

If you have good at writing engaging content, you are one step ahead and can make money through freelance writing for the start of your blogging career.

What you can do is create a page where you attract people to hire your writing services for nominal fees and create loyal customers coming back every time.

You need not charge them $170 per article at the start, even if you take $5 per article, after you complete 10 articles you can get your first $50.

Once you get a good number of people who use your writing services, you can offer bulk packages for certain customers who would be interested in it.

Get Endorsement

The next thing that you should do is be a game player and contribute your views out there. You should start getting endorsements from authorized websites and professional bloggers who have a huge following and niche trust.

Now, how do you get the endorsements from professional bloggers?

1. Simply visit their blogs and leave helpful comments. Once you follow the idea of contribution you will not start spamming their comment feed and engage in discussion that will make you get noticed.

2. Remember to offer quality, well-researched guest articles. As soon as your articles are published out there, their readers start noticing and begin visiting your blog.

3. Write quality posts for news churning websites. Once your piece gets published, you directly stand a chance to receive more visitors to your blog.

Make Your First $100 Online by using Fiverr

There are so many ways to try and make money online and one of the many ways known are us using Fiverr to generate leads and converting them into small as well as lucrative short terms business opportunities.

So this website is an online marketing place where you will be able to find people searching for gigs to earn a little as much as of $5.

This means that you would doing doing something (logo design, editing or writing an article) for $5. There are numerous people who are constantly looking for these services on Fiverr.

If they find your proposal interesting, you will get more money which will get you revenue.

Trust me, I have used Fiverr for over 1 year and not been able to make a mot of money compared to other ways through which you can earn much more.

I would even though say Fiverr could let you earn on the long term after you gain a reputation there.

Start Affiliate Marketing

I would recommend that you do not rush into thinking that you can become a millionaire through Adsense at the start of your blogging career. Once you implement Google Adsensse into your blog or website, be sure that you are optimizing for really high paying keywords, using longtail keywords as a whole.

I would say that the best thing to do at this time is to integrate affiliate products that are on high demand in the market online. You should focus on affiliate products that are based on your niche.

For example, if you are into search engine optimization in India, choose affiliate programmes related to search engine optimization and domain purchases.

You can choose Bluehost or GoDaddy and in turn promote them by offering a sort of free set up of a WordPress blog set up to anyone who joins through your link.

You have to remember that you got to convert money as soon as possible and through ethical ways. The time you step to working in wrong ways, you will loose the touch of blogging as a passion and it will become a money game as a whole.

Product Reviews are Great

Another smart thing you can follow that most product based blogs follow. Product reviews is a very lucrative way of a steady earning and depends on how you show yourself out there through the content you put up.

You should complete a thorough research on the product before writing taking into consideration both the good and bad of the products. Your blog visitors will only want to buy the product depending on the way you research and explain it to them.

In case you have an affiliate link to that product, you make money depending on the click and a bigger value if the visitor purchases the product.

Some of the places you can check out to get product reviews from are SponsoredReview and LinkFromBlog among many others.

Create An eBook And Sell It

Another way of keeping a steady earning while blogging is creating an eBook and it is definitely not rocket science. As per your blog nice, you can create a paid eBook and put it out there to readers to purchase.

Remember to focus on a few things while analyzing your competition and checking top blogs with the same niche. Be sure to sell it in the right way and not be desperate to spam the eBook links on social media.

Your blog and content represents you and you should not look bad at all.

In case no one is selling any eBooks in your niche, then your have a golden chance to be the only player in the market. You could make thousands of dollars just by selling one eBook !

For example, say you put a value of $10 on your eBook, by selling only 15 eBooks (say you sell one eBook every 7 days), you can directly make your first $150.

Ask Your Friends To Launch A WordPress Site/BlogCreate WordPress Site online in 12 Minutes

You being a blogger knows how great it feels to churn out content that people read out there so you create a community by starting with your friends to sign up at Bluehost and as soon as they do, you will receive $65.00 for every friends that signs up and makes a purchase.

Worst case scenario, if you only convince one friend to launch their website using Bluehost, you will directly make $65.00 and thereafter Bluehost will dispatch they money after 60 days.


If you work meticulously following the recommended tips, it is very easy to earn more than $150 along the way as you would have already set a path.

To keep your earning structure going on you will have to update your site regularly, churn out new content, work on social media and engage visitors.

Have I left out anything? I would love your contributions too. Share with me the way you followed to earn the first $150 on your blog in 60 days?

Share this post with your friends who should start blogging or those who already own a blog if you find it helpful.

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