Create your First Successful Facebook Ad in 7 Simple Steps

If you have not yet figured Facebook as a smart and cost-effective way to reach highly customized target market then allow me to share a small fact with you:

Over one billion prospective customers spend more than 20 minutes on Facebook each day!

Now that I have your interest, let me also help you make a killer Facebook ad campaign that will cost a tiny fraction of your marketing budget, yet will take your brand to target customers living half-the world away. Let the following 7 steps be your ready-reckoner for creating successful Facebook ads:

Before starting, sort out content on your website & Facebook page

Consider your Facebook ad campaign as an invitation card urging people (you want to invite) to visit your Facebook page or website. You would not want to leave your guests high and dry by hosting them to a page riddled with typos and unappealing content.

Set your priorities right from the start. Your Facebook ad is a window to your Facebook page / website. Your website is the credible platform where maximum action happens as visitors tend to gain all the information from your website, including your contact information. It is the website where they can see and buy products / services from. Ensure that your website is not only user friendly, but also clearly directs customers what to do. Remember, an angry customer may come back to your website, a confused customer will never.

Objective - Create your First Successful Facebook Ad in 7 Simple Steps

Chalk-out the objective of your ad

Before even thinking how your ad will look like, focus on what should it do for you. Should it urge viewers to ‘like’ the page, earn traffic for your website, or pump up sales?

Facebook helps you with a comprehensive list of engagement objectives, which includes ‘Boost your posts’ (Page post engagement)  to enhance views, share, and reactions on your posts, ‘Promote your page’ to get more likes for your page, and ‘Reach people near your business’ to connect with the local market, and many more.

It makes lot of sense to opt for generating ‘likes’ for your page. Remember, earning ‘likes’ for your page is similar to harnessing a user group – a set audience that will view each and every post and activity happening on your page. In turn, when this set audience reacts to your posts, their own network members get to view them and may react to them, which means your page and posts stand to gain organic views and ‘likes’.

Facebook Ad - Create your First Successful Facebook Ad in 7 Simple Steps

Pen down a great copy

This is really important for crafting a successful Facebook ad post. Your ad copy should not only be impactful, it should be highly condensed. Brand gurus and marketing stalwarts suggest that opposed to writing what your business is, try writing a crisp ad copy that says why the viewer should be interested in it.

So, for example, if you have are a graphic designer and want to run an ad to attract prospective customers, avoid writing something like, “We design great images on PNG, TIF, GIF platforms”, try writing something like, “Powerful images to propel your social media ads.”

Top Tip: Limit the ad title to 25 characters (without space) and body to 90 characters (without space) to ensure enhanced promotion. Posts heavy on texts may even get rejected for promotion by Facebook.

Text - Create your First Successful Facebook Ad in 7 Simple Steps

Image Source

Accompany the ad copy with an awesome picture

Researches prove that adding a compelling image to your social media marketing campaign can fetch you up to 94% more views. Posts with images and videos both, fare even better.

So, no brownie points for guessing that you need a captivating image to compel viewers to click on the post. And when I say captivating, I mean a high-resolution image (1200 x 444 pixels) that immediately catches the fancy of the viewers, touches her heart and stays somewhere in her mindspace.

Don’t panic! There are some really awesome websites that host copyright free creative, high resolution images absolutely free of cost. Check and .

Top Tip: Follow the Top Tip in the previous point to save yourself from the frustration of creating ad copies that do not comply with the image to text ratio followed by Facebook. Save yourself some trouble; always check the right image to text ratio at

Good Image - Create your First Successful Facebook Ad in 7 Simple Steps

Set a Highly Customized Audience

Setting an absolutely focused target audience is the aspect where social media rules the roost and downplays traditional, highly expensive advertisement platforms such as TVCs and hoardings.

Facebook not only allows you to choose the age group of your preferred audience, but also geographies, and their personal preferences, too!

Imagine what all you can achieve with such a power to reach real people whom you kept in mind while crafting your product / service? You don’t have to make your ad subtle in an attempt to make it suitable for all age groups, you can choose to promote premiere packages to a niche market segment, and above all, you can localize your ad!

Audience - Create your First Successful Facebook Ad in 7 Simple Steps

Allocate Budget

Facebook is awesome. It helps you create ad campaigns while playing ping-pong. When it comes to setting an appropriate budget for your ad, the story is just the same. Facebook gives you an option to run the ad for specific periods of time and automatically sets daily budgets basis the number of audience chosen (remember, larger the audience selected, lower the promotion budget and vice-versa). While you can make manual adjustments to the budget, it is advised that you trust Facebook’s calculations in setting an appropriate daily budget.

Nothing is wasted at Facebook ad promotion platform, you will be charged only for the actual ‘likes’ gained by your page and any excess amount prepaid by you will sit prettily in your account.

Likes - Create your First Successful Facebook Ad in 7 Simple Steps

Monitor ad performances

Posting a Facebook ad is only half the job done. You need to track the performance of your ad posts regularly to infer astute insights useful in devising further marketing strategies.

Monitor your ads regularly under the ‘Manage Ads’ section. The in-built analytics will help you find how your product fares in different geographies, cultures, and age-groups.

Facebook analytics are a powerful tool – create and monitor ad performances to explore new markets and facilitate product tests at a minuscule cost.

While you set out to create winning successful ad campaigns on Facebook, you may want to look at the following really important tips:

  • Check out your close competitors’ pages to know what kind of posts draw more reaction from the viewers
  • You can use the same ad copy for up to six images (at no extra cost!) – use the option to roll out your ad with six different images. This will help you monitor and track ads that work and those that fall flat.
  • Weed out ads that don’t work out for you. Do not hesitate to edit, amend or even stop ad campaigns if they are not meeting your promotional objectives.

Zoom In - Create your First Successful Facebook Ad in 7 Simple Steps

I wish you the best with your first Facebook ad post and look forward to hear your experience, answer your queries, and punch the air hard when you stand victorious.

Wishing an immensely successful 2017 for your brand!

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  • Jaswertaiz
    May 8, 2017 at 6:04 pm

    You are a marketing genius. I have been following your other blog also for 3 years now.

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