Get Google Adsense Approval within 2 days

Do you want to monetize your blog and make a career out of your passion?

That’s great. All you need is honest writing, attractive presentation and Google AdSense approval to get going.

Blogging is passion for some, fashion for others and a source of extra income for many. And yet, there are many more who would like to monetize their blog and make bucks out of their passion – writing.

If you love writing, own a website or blog or intend to own one soon and turn it into a revenue generator, this article will tell you exactly what you need to do to.

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Getting Google AdSense approval is genuinely tough. The criterion is strict while judging new applications and that can leave many bloggers disappointed.

However, with experience and 43 AdSense approvals, I have come to understand that by following simple tips and maintaining high quality, getting Google AdSense approval is possible, that too, in less than two days!

Are you ready for it?

Follow this checklist I have created for you and get Google AdSense approval faster than you ever imagined:

1) Write high quality content – The first and foremost requisite for getting Google AdSense approval is creating and sharing high quality original content on your blog. The write-ups should be coherent, without grammatical errors and 100% original. Give due credit to any author whose work you use in your write up and don’t forget to make your content search engine friendly with meta tags and descriptions.

Tip: Do not use copyrighted images in your blog without giving due credit. There are several websites such as Pixabay and Unsplash where you can get free images for your blog. Flouting copyright restrictions is a sure shot way of getting your AdSense application rejected.

2) AdSense prohibited content – Flowing from point one is the second point that advises you to stay away from AdSense prohibited content. As per AdSense program policies, prohibited content refers to any of the following:

  • Adult content
  • Content that advocates against an individual, group, or organization
  • Recreational drugs and drug-related content
  • Alcohol and tobacco-related content
  • Healthcare-related content
  • Hacking and cracking content
  • Pages that offer compensation programs
  • Misrepresentative content
  • Violent content
  • Weapon-related content
  • Content that enables dishonest behavior
  • Illegal content

Read more here.

3) Minimum number of articles – There is no golden rule here, but more content is always better than less. Of course, it should be high quality and not copied from anywhere. As a thumb rule, before applying for AdSense approval, make sure that each page of your website has content spanning at least 500 words and that no page is empty bearing the ‘under construction’ signage.

For a blog, having 30-40 posts before applying for AdSense approval is a good idea. Each blog must be well written, attractively presented, contain meta tags, accompanied by relevant images and over 500 words in length. Few long articles (over 1500 words) that make for a stellar read may also be included.

4) Privacy, Contact and About: these pages matter – Yes, these are important web pages for any website, including a blog. Without these pages, don’t expect the Gods of Google to care much for you.

Privacy Policy: Include a privacy policy on your blog telling users what kind of content they would find on your blog and what they should do with it. It is easy to find the text online.

About: Apart from helping readers connect with you, an ‘About’ page tells the audience that there is a real person behind the blog, adding credibility to it. In this section, tell readers about yourself and your blog. Remember, no ‘About’ section means no AdSense approval.

Contact: Having a contact page is very important. Not only will you receive honest feedback, it will elevate the user experience manifold, thereby increasing your chances of getting AdSense approval.

5) Blog Design

First impressions are usually the last which is why a clean, simple and easy to navigate blog design is must for every serious blogger. Following content quality, the blog design is the next most important thing in your blog. Spend some money on a professional blog template to ensure the following in your blog design:

  • Clean, professional and uncluttered
  • Easy to navigate
  • No unnecessary widgets
  • Responsive
  • SEO friendly


  • Install an XML sitemap to help bots index your website faster.
  • Have a clear menu for your readers on the blog, including all pages and categories for ease of navigation and better user experience.

6) Using a custom domain – There is nothing wrong in using Blogspot or creating free WordPress websites, but when it comes to AdSense approval, AdSense gives more credibility to custom domain names. Spending few bucks on a custom domain is a worthwhile investment for any blogger in terms of credibility as well as increased chances of AdSense approval. Once you buy a domain, also create a custom email id before applying for AdSense approval.

Tip: While it is required that the domain be at least 6 months old in countries such as India and China, exceptions have been observed. However, it is better to wait for your blog to age by at least 2 months before applying for AdSense program.

7) Remove other ads – Chitika, Yahoo Ads or Clicksor, remove everything from your blog and make it neat, clean and ad free before applying to Google AdSense for approval. Keeping your website free from third party ads and removing affiliate links from your content and sidebar until you get AdSense approval will increase your chances of approval.

8) Traffic and analytics – There is no stated relation between volume of traffic on a website and Google AdSense approval, yet, it makes sense to apply only when you have a decent number of visitors on a daily basis – say, 30 or more. However, remember that there is direct a relation between paid traffic and AdSense rejection. So do not employ black hat SEO strategies to acquire traffic. Only focus on legal sources such as blogs and social media to increase visitors on your website.

Tip: Installing Google Analytics on your website will not only help you track the traffic on your website but also increase your chances of approval, thanks to your concern for your website’s performance. Click here for Google Analytics Solutions.

Now that you are through with the list, you would agree with me that most of these points are basic but often overlooked. Of course, there is no straightjacket formula to get Google AdSense approval instantly, but I am confident that if you follow all these steps diligently, you will definitely get your Google Adsense approval within 2 days.  

Leave a comment to share your AdSense approval story and how this guide helped you. In case your application is rejected despite following all the abovementioned points, write back to me and I will be happy to guide you with a free consultation.

Good luck and keep writing!

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