Here’s a little bit about my life and me, a helpful tech freak who believes in sharing knowledge for the greater good.

Nigel Quadros


Hi, I am Nigel Quadros and I love technology and building brands, in that order.

Early Life

Growing up in the balmy land of Goa, while most of my peers chilled with a Kingfisher (now, no more…) in hand or slogged with their noses buried in books, I was exploring technology at my fingertips ever since I set my eyes and hands on my first mobile phone at the age of nine.

With a technological bent of mind and a voracious appetite for content, I realized at a young age that books confined me and only working a nine to five job will never be my cup of tea.

So, I decided to create one for the weekends where I could share my ideas.

Somewhere when I was alive

Consequently, as a teenager when everyone worked hard to change (or shape) their lives, I decided to change the world through my favourite realm, technology. And before growing moustache, I grew an enviable list of corporate clients.

When I jumped out of the bath-tub like Archimedes..

I founded AndroGuru.com, the most comprehensive portal on Android technology, news and reviews, with pocket money saved over the years, at the age of 19. It is my idea of fun to use over 35 smart phones to stay abreast of latest Android developments.

My parents were worried that their son was way too sorted out for a teenager, but also immensely proud when, as the Editor-in-Chief of AndroGuru, I was able to put Goa on the global technology map as a panelist at AnDevCon (Android Developers Conference), one of the largest international Android conference held at Boston in July 2015.

Today, AndroGuru continues to grow and I continue to learn, work in Qatar and share my knowledge on Digital Marketing to help bloggers and businesses build real brands and scale up their revenues.

It’s human nature to find equilibrium, settle down, and resist change. Most clients’ teams fall into the trap of conventional owing to this human nature. I guess, I am wired a bit differently as my ideas are unconventional and always aimed at change.

….and I kept on steaming ahead

From enabling India’s largest Android community to dabbling in YouTube videos to creating ace digital marketing strategies for top companies such as Navin Studio, Route 66, Thirsty Bear, Chunky Chicken, BNB Custom Homes, Akar Realty across the globe, I believe success follow relentless hardwork.

With your will, some luck and lots of hard work, I will help you build your multi million dollar brand through content that will share my experience over the years, insights I have developed working closely with established brands and struggling startups and lessons learnt from mistakes I made along the way, and those of others.